Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention        

PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health)

PATH is an international, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization dedicated to improving health, especially the health of women and children. As coordinating agency of the Alliance for Cervical Cancer, PATH works closely with a steering committee of Alliance members to encourage intra-Alliance communication and collaboration and to coordinate information dissemination.

Assessing innovative approaches to cervical screening and treatment

PATH is widely recognized for its experience in technology development, assessment, and introduction of new technologies. As an Alliance member, PATH is investigating alternative screening methods that may serve as an adjunct to or replacement for Pap smears in areas where resources are limited, including the AviScope™ screening device for visual inspection of the cervix using low-powered magnification.

Improving service delivery systems

In an effort to evaluate various service delivery approaches, PATH is developing assessment tools that will help health program managers to decide whether and how to integrate cervical cancer prevention into existing women's health services.

Incorporating community perspectives and needs into program design

Working with local partners in Kenya and Peru, PATH is researching what women and health care providers know, believe, and do as the starting point for designing more effective cervical cancer programs. Using surveys, focus groups, interviews, and other techniques, PATH is working with its local counterparts to ensure that programs reflect community perspectives and needs.

Heightening awareness of cervical cancer and effective prevention strategies

In order to advocate for adequate funding, favorable policies, and popular support for new programs and approaches, PATH contributes to global and regional conferences on cervical cancer and produces publications and resources on issues affecting cervical cancer in developing countries.

For more information on PATH's work in cervical cancer, see PATH's website ( or contact Jacqueline Sherris, Ph.D., at [email protected].