Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention        

JHPIEGO Corporation

JHPIEGO is a nonprofit corporation working to improve the health of women and families throughout the world. Through advocacy, education, and performance improvement, JHPIEGO helps host-country health policymakers, educators, and service providers increase access and reduce barriers to quality reproductive health services.

Alternative approaches to cervical cancer screening

Since 1989 JHPIEGO has been exploring the feasibility of several low-cost alternatives for cervical cancer prevention, with particular emphasis on visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) and cryrotherapy. JHPIEGO is committed to carrying out SAFE (safety, acceptability, and feasibility, and program effort) demonstration projects involving the single visit approach that can be applied to the poorest, most under-served regions in the developing world.

Within the Alliance, JHPIEGO’s projects play a key role in clarifying issues important to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the single visit approach. Currently, it is implementing two large SAFE demonstration projects in Thailand and Ghana. Given its extensive experience in developing and implementing appropriate reproductive health training programs worldwide, JHPIEGO also plays an important role in developing and standardizing training approaches for cervical cancer prevention services.

For more information on JHPIEGO’s work in cervical cancer prevention, see JHPIEGO’s website ( or contact Paul Blumenthal, M.D., M.P.H. at[email protected].