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Information, Educational, and Communication Materials

Children in a classroom.

There are many ways to involve communities to make cervical cancer screening programs more effective.

ACCP projects responded to community information needs by creating information, education, and communication (IEC) strategies for raising awareness about cervical cancer prevention among women and their communities. In many countries, women’s lack of awareness of cervical cancer and its prevention is a major barrier to seeking screening services.

Accurate information provided to women prior to screening can help alleviate fear and anxiety associated with screening and early treatment. Information targeting male partners of women at highest risk, family members, and other key community leaders is also crucial for creating a supportive environment for women who face the decision to seek prevention services. Health care providers should have appropriate training and receive information on the best ways to encourage women they serve to seek screening services.

Programs should develop key motivational messages for these different target audiences. Whenever possible, members of these different audiences should help develop the simple wording and presentation of motivational messages to ensure the messages are appropriate and easy to understand. The best format for delivering these messages will also vary in different settings. Health care providers, counselors, and other clinical staff should deliver messages in a manner that is perceived as trustworthy and respectful.

Below are examples of IEC-oriented materials that the ACCP projects developed and used to inform and educate key target audiences about cervical cancer prevention services. For each resource, the following information is provided: (1) the country where the resource was used; (2) the target audience; and (3) how programs used the resource for promotional activities.


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