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Community Involvement to Prevent Cervical Cancer

Children in a classroom.

There are many ways to involve communities to make cervical cancer screening programs more effective.

Involving women and communities in developing, implementing, and evaluating cervical cancer prevention interventions is integral to a prevention effort's success. On this page you will find resources offering a range of information on strategies to involve community stakeholders, for instance:


Learn about cervical cancer prevention information, education, and communication (IEC) materials.

Highlighted ACCP Community Mobilization Materials

ACCP Strategies for Supporting Women With Cervical Cancer. ACCP. (2004).


Women’s Frequently Asked Questions About Cervical Cancer Screening
A presentation to help health care providers anticipate and answer women’s questions. Portable Document Format (pdf) | Microsoft PowerPoint Format (ppt)

Developing Cervical Cancer Screening Programs That Meet Women’s Needs
A presentation to help program planners and communities address women’s needs. Portable Document Format (pdf) | Microsoft PowerPoint Format (ppt)

Key Steps for Meeting Women’s Needs
A fact sheet outlining women’s needs and ways to address them.

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