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Advocating for Effective Cervical Cancer Prevention Programs and Policy

ACCP works to raise awareness about cervical cancer prevention in communities and among other audiences, including health care providers and policymakers.

Given the many health priorities that compete for funding and attention in low-resource settings, building a case for committing money and resources to cervical cancer prevention can be daunting. The ACCP has developed a range of advocacy materials designed to synthesize research on what is known to date about an array of cervical cancer prevention issues.

Together, these materials establish a clear argument for provision of these services from a public health, cost, and human rights standpoint. ACCP developed these resources to provide decision makers (such as ministry of health officials, health care providers, and reproductive health program planners) with practical, current research on cervical cancer screening and treatment with an eye toward helping key players establish how programs and policies can be developed or strengthened. We encourage you to use and adapt the materials listed below—fact sheets, PowerPoint and PDF presentation materials, and more—in your work to raise awareness about cervical cancer and to improve related programs and policies.

Highlighted ACCP Advocacy Materials

Women’s Stories, Women’s Lives: Experiences with Cervical Screening and Treatment.

A collection of stories about women who participated in ACCP screening and treatment programs and how it effected their lives and their families.

Natural History of Cervical Cancer
A fact sheet on the natural history of cervical cancer and how even infrequent screening can save older women’s lives.

Visual Screening Approaches
A fact sheet about promising alternative screening approaches.

Pap Smears: An Important But Imperfect Method
A fact sheet outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the Pap Smear test.

Palliative Care: Supporting Women with Advanced Cancer
A fact sheet on palliative care for women with cervical cancer.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Presentations
A series of presentations on a range of cervical cancer prevention issues, including various screening approaches, that you can use and adapt for your own advocacy purposes.

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